Here are some tips to prepare your trip to Bali. 

There is little doubt that Bali is a paradise for scuba diving. But not only for the patent holders! The snorkeling (with fins, mask and snorkel only) is available to everyone .... Corals are not deep, it is advisable to make at least his mask and snorkel France, otherwise you will have to rent each time .

Atlantis International Bali is a center for diving operating in Asia for almost 10 years, first in the Maldives, the Philippines and now in Bali since 1996 We are a certified PADI 5 Star FFESSM and we suggest you follow all PADI courses from beginner (baptism) to monitor (Dive Master). 
It is also possible to arrange an internship diving on Bali as well as cruises or sailing yacht on the islands of Sulawesi and Komodo.


Some interesting spots

Sanur: diving the height of the coral reef, 200 meters from the raging water a little trouble if the sea is rough or current.

Nusa penida and Nusa Lembongan Islands : 20 miles east of Sanur. Count 45 minutes to Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan to 40mn from Padang Bai, a boat engine. Fund covered with sandy coral, sponges, Gorgogne and clear water. Diving from 5 to 40 m. it crosses regularly turtles, fish-sunfish (Mola-Mola), manta rays, groupers, etc.. not including corals, soft and hard. The currents are strong and these sites are rather reserved for experienced divers.

Padang Bai: In the north-east of Sanur. Diving from 3 to 20 m. nice garden and barrier reefs. Sheltered, protected by beautiful cliffs: however, the current can be strong enough and cold.

Amed: on the north-east. dive 5 to 40 m. pretty funds including populous of sponges and of anemones. It can be reached aboard a jukung, traditional boat bob.

Tulamben a few kilometers north-west of Amed. You can see at the water's edge the wreckage of the USS Liberty 120 million Long, American ship sinking by the Japanese during the Second World War. The wreckage was overrun of anemones, corals and other Corgogne. Fantastic and Easy. Diving from 3 to 30 m. Quite can recommend a first dive Bali.

Menjangan Island (Nature Reserve) northwest of Bali. The island is 30 m by boat from Bali. The most remote spot, but obviously one of the most beautiful. In the heart of a national park is the one of the most protected, with excellent visibility, 5 to 40 m, throughout the year. You can explore an old wooden Pave the angker or diving on a coral and falling in a pass or is shifting in the mid-carangues, small skate, Groupers and other reef fish.

Candi Dasa: You're right in front of small islands known as The Gillis or is most of the Sharks White and Black Point and Pelagic as Mola-Mola.

Lovina Beach: Corals not very far from beach. It usually stops after going to see dolphins, but it may very well go alone, from the board. For diving with bottle there is only 1 or 2 sites valid.


Atlantis International Bali : jl. Atlantis International Bali jl. Ngurah Rai By Pass no 350, Sanur (361)28-43-12 ) et 081-23-80-57-67 (portable) baptism diving supervision by French, Swiss or Indonesians speaking perfect English, through the night dive, Jerome Perrussel and his team take care of everything. they can all patents issued the PADI. Beginners decides for a Discovery exploration Tulamben while divers confirmed head to Nusa Lembongan / Penida to tease Molas-Molas (In the course). Do not hesitate to come from Bali I love you.


Sports and Recreation


Want to leave Bali for other horizons? To Lombok, Sulawesi and other islands of the archipelago? If you will provide a small group, it is possible to charteriser a beautiful boat Bugis, the sama-sama and go on the waves with the crew: laura, Xavier and all types of trips: diving, snorlkelling, surfing, fishing, etc. . the boat is not only beautiful but also very well equipped and can accommodate a small team of a dozen people. Yacht sama-sama, laura et Xavier : 081-23-64-56-08 (portable). can all Information, contact them via their website.


Although Bali is not, there is still a number of possibilities. The best-known hikes are those leading to the summit of Mount Batur (from the village of kesisan, near kintamani) and Mount Agung (a Trex reserve walkers confirm atant given the importance of vertical rise). It may also consider rune walk in the national park, west of the island. But there are other options, a little more off the beaten track and should attract lovers of nature and walking. There are reports including treks to the day that it is possible to realize in the vicinity of sidemen and Munduk and also in about bedugul and lakes of north-central.


Rent a house in Bali from coast Seminyak, canggu or Umali will be ideal for surfers. Australians know, Bali is a paradise for surfing. Most french be content to admire these beautiful swashbucklers, proud as suns, braving the waves. Neophyte friend, you can very well you throw a water (it should be commancer one day). But follow a few rules. It is first necessary to be an excellent swimmer.


The starting point is located a few kilometers north sangeh. The Ayung River (in the vicinity of Ubud) is available at rafting. Safe to cross a forest tropocale sometimes collected in grooves. The price of agencies includes the transfer to your hotel, equipment (including life jacket), insurance and a meal. Well, as is fairly new, is still very expensive. Generally, 2 departures per day. Count 6 am in all, return.


It's a great way to explore the island, bit by bit. Of course, this is not to Coltines Kuta-lovin in one day, but when you stop in a sector, the bicycle is ideal for travel. In the hope that during your rental house in Bali, its information will make your stay in Bali as pleasant as possible.