Do you want to lay down your hat in Bali for a while? There are many types of accommodations for you. On this island, there are as many luxury villas as rustic guesthouses.

First, if you are traveling with friends or family, sumptuous villas with their staff are at your disposal. No need to have an extravagant budget. Even with a tight budget, it’s always possible to live well without sacrificing comfort or location. You have the possibility to rent a villa daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly. This is what we offer at Bali Je T’aime. The villa rental is the favorite housing of travelers in Bali because of its friendliness, comfort, privacy and services. The villas are often located in quiet places, with a private pool (contrary to hotels) and the possibility to have your own spa at home. This is the opportunity to change habits in hotels where you may be used to go. Nobody to disturb you, you are the master of the place !

Personalized service is offered for each villa, from butler to chef. At Bali Je T’aime, we take care of the management of our villas to satisfy all your desires. Another advantage is that there is something for everyone, from 100 € to 2000 € per night. In terms of design, some are typically local with a Balinese style, while others are much more modern. There is a lot of choice for villas and the constructions keep growing.

For smaller budgets, you will also find what are called homestays or guesthouses, which are more rustic with low prices. An ideal way to be closer to the daily life of the Balinese and to discover their rituals and culture. For travelers with backpacks and without reservation, homestays will become your refuge. You can find them everywhere in Bali, even in the most remote places, sometimes spending less than 10 € a night, depending on the standard of the room. Breakfast can also be included and you will have the opportunity to try the famous Balinese banana pancakes served with fruits, tea, coffee.

So for your stay in Bali, you will have a wide choice regarding your housing. Choose what you like… a splendid villa? a luxurious hotel? a guesthouse to stay close to the Balinese way of life? or even a more unusual accommodation?

Sydney Jouffret