Many people are eager to settle in Bali, whether for a short or long term. Here are some tips that will help you find an internship or job on the island.

The two main sectors of activity in Bali are tourism and agriculture. The professional opportunities available to foreigners are mainly provided by humanitarian associations or international companies. Teaching (teacher, etc.) also recruits a lot of people wishing to work here. For internships, the tourism sector recruits a lot, especially in communication or marketing.

English is required to work in Bali. The locals practice very well the language of Shakespeare it is easy enough to be understood. Learning Bahasa Indonesia (the official language of the country) is a plus. Many courses, individual or group, are offered in Bali.

Here, the average salary of a Balinese, for 6 days of work per week and about 1 million rupees (about 60 €). Executives, meanwhile, do not exceed 400 € monthly. It is therefore relatively complicated to make a fortune as an employee in Bali. This is why many expatriates choose entrepreneurship.

Among the professions that come back most among expatriates, we find translators / interpreters, teachers, graphic designers / webdesigners, photographers, consultants. Note also that many trades are exported very well here, especially in the catering sector.

Regarding the work visa, expatriates must obtain it to work in Bali. It is worth $ 2,000 paid annually by the hiring company. It is therefore not uncommon for many companies to prefer to hire locals. SMEs are not allowed to hire foreigners, especially because they do not have IMPTA (permit to hire foreigners). Since visa procedures are extremely long, anticipate the demand months before your installation.

Baptiste Cavaliere