Tegenungan Waterfalls
Tegenungan Waterfalls

In Bali, to refresh itself, what better that a fresh bath? An alternative to the beach and the sea… waterfalls! After a long walk to reach them you will appreciate even more their freshness and their spectacle. Most of the waterfalls in Bali are in the north part of the island.

In symbolism, waterfall represents the renewal, but also the dynamism among the immobility of the mountain. You can access to this waterfalls in general for Rp 10,000 (0, 70 centimes) or for free. Here, some waterfalls which are worth a visit.

Last week I went to Tegenungan waterfall which is situated between Ubud and Sanur, in the Kemenuh village. This waterfall is very accessible, a road permits access to scooters and cars, after you have 5 minutes of walk in a road where you can find toilets, restaurants and shops. It is possible to have a bath at the foot of the waterfall.

Sekumpul regroup 7 waterfalls in the same area. The road is longer and more difficult. There is parking for scooters and cars. Then, you have to walk in a path, you just have to follow the signs that indicate the road.

Git Git is probably the most famous waterfall in Bali, because it’s the highest and the most accessible. It is situated between Singaraja and Bedugul, in the north of Bali. On the way you can find lot of shops. The road is well marked, there is also a parking, then you just have to follow the path.

Aling-aling Waterfalls
Aling-aling Waterfalls

The Aling Aling waterfall is situated between Singaraja and Bedugul on the road to Amed. A beautiful hake in perspective and the possibility to have a bath. Fairly uncrowned you can fully enjoy this natural beauty.

The Jembong waterfall, even if it is not very high, it is strong. It is situated near to Git Git and Aling Aling waterfalls between Singaraja and the Bratan Lake.

And finally, the Munduk waterfalls, situated in the heart of the tropical forest in a protected area in the village of Munduk at the north of Bali. The path to reach the waterfalls promises you a nice hake between cloves, coffee, avocados or bananas trees.

Marie Kerouanton