Before arriving to Bali, I look for information of cities that I will visit, everybody spoke to me about Ubud I said to myself that I had to visit this city and it is what I did repeatedly during my internship.
I like very much Ubud, we feel good in this city, the air is pure and the landscapes are magnificent!

Ubud is considered as the center of the cultural and artistic tourism of the island. The main street is Jalan Raya Ubud cross the city center, and numerous businesses in particular of art, coffees, restaurants and hotels.

We can also take a walk in the monkey forest, a nature reserve situated in the south extremity of Jalan Monkey Forest. She shelters Dalem Agung Padang Tegal’s temple and more than 600 monkey; be carefulof your glasses or other gadgets, keep any good in your pockets.

I keep one very good memory of my days in Ubud, it is for me the city in which I feel the most comfortable and I find well authenticity of Bali.

rice terrace

rice terrace

Majda Lafsihy

Bali Je t'aime
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