You are in Bali for a short time and you want to discover a maximum of Bali? In that case, I recommend you to go to Ubud during your holidays in Bali. Indeed, this town is one of the centre tourism and artistic of Bali. The main street is Jalan Raya Ubud (Jalan Raya means « main street in indonesian»). It crosses from East to west the centre of city and it is composed of numbers restaurants, shops art, coffee, hotels.

If you decided to stop in Ubud, I will recome you at least to stay 2 days at Ubud.

The first step is the rice fields. The most beautiful rice fields are located in Ubud; I propose you:

  • The rice fields with different floors the name is Tegalalang, for me this one are the most impressive and most beautiful to see it. You can walk around the different floors of rice fields (You have to give “a donation” If you want walk around the rice fields)

A passage at Ubud rhyme with monkey forest! This big forest, in the middle of Ubud, regroup hundreds free monkeys. That you like or no animals, you will let yourself be in love of these little beasts. The entrance is not free but no expensive!

The evening you have a lot of show of traditional dance. You choose what you want to see, the dance show is very famous in Ubud (go 1hour before the beginning of show if you want a good place)

And for finish, the best spa of Bali is in Ubud, check yourself.

Nans Dizerens