I had the chance during my internship to attend three Villa openings. I love the atmosphere in these houses, where you can enjoy a welcome drink while tasting local dishes at will.

The three houses that I visited were very large, and each time the manager of the Villa showed us the place. In one of them, there was an outdoor bathtub;I wish I could have taken a bath in there.

Also I met French trainees during those openings with whom I discussed about our experience on the island, half a planet away. It was a great time to spend with my lovely colleagues, since we do not often get to spend time in such luxurious places!

The first villa was very large, with two pools, one overlooking the other, where you can dip. The living-room was wide open (paradise for mosquitoes) and a group was playing music. In one bedroom was the biggest bathroom I’ve ever seen!

The second opening was made up of several villas stuck together with a pool in each and large bedrooms with beds that looked very comfortable…

Finally, the third villa was a villa split up in several parts, with two pools, a yoga room, a bit in a bohemian style.

I also went to a small party organized on the beach by the surf school which is partner with Bali je t’aime, Bali Ocean Surf. It was really nice, the teachers are super friendly and we’ll even go to a free surf lesson next Saturday!



Elisa Boullé

Bali Je t'aime
Bali Je t’aime is a villa rental agency which operates from Bali. The agency provides from affordable to luxury villas to their clients for their vacations on the Island of Gods. Every villa is different and has its own specifications. The large range of villas will allow the clients to choose the villa that fits their needs and desires. The rentals are located all over Bali so the clients are able to stay close to all the amenities.