Why there are so many kites in the sky of Bali?

Guided by adult and children with such a joy in the Island of God for several years. It’s the tradition which is passed on from generation to generation. Kites represent the religion, it allows them to get closer to gods and to thank them for the harvests which they were able to have during the year.

Fastly , the tradition was transformed into competition. Held yearly in the city of Sanur . The event takes place between June and October, during windy season. The festival welcomes tens of teams, coming from different cities, aiming at flying their kites and at gaining. an important event and expected all year round.

The teams are constituted by twenty people even more participant oblige to dress in balinese costum with balinese traditional music.

Shaped in different forms (fish, birds, dragon, ovals), different colors (orange, blue, white, red and black) and different sizes, with length reach even 10 meters, a truly unique. Design ever make equipped with a number to allow the judge and audience to differ them. Very often, kites are all thrown at the same time … a magic moment with a beautiful harmony of colors.

The best team receives a price so the competition is rough, because everybody wants to win. It’s a pride to win the festival of kites in Bali.

It was really incredible to see this outdoor show, because in Europe there is no festival of kites. It’s the first time when I saw it. I was able to realize the importance of this event granted to the Balinese cultural. It was an unforgettable experience.

One of cultural event not to be missed which will be organized until October yearly.

Fly away with kites AND LET THE SOUL FLY!!

Deborah Bozzolini