The Gili Islands is a term for three Indonesian islands off the northwest coast of Lombok Island Air, Meno and Trawangan. This term is a misnomer, because Gili means “island” in Sasak, the language of the majority of the inhabitants of Lombok. All islands around Lombok also have a name preceded by Gili, GiliNanggu, south-west of Lombok.
Administratively, the islands are part of the regency of West Lombok in the province of small islands in the western probe.
The Gili islands have become famous because of their easy access from Bali (2:30 by fast boat) the preferred destination for those who want to include a Robinson Crusoe on their trip on islands with crystal clear waters bordering white sandy beaches. The islands are well-known for their beautiful diving and snorkeling spots. If the primary interest of this destination is the rich marine life (colorful fish, sea turtles, manta rays …), you can also go there just to take off and glide deliciously in a great moment of relaxation.
The three islands, Gili Air, GiliMeno and GiliTrawangan have the particularity to limit the land transport by using traditional carts, the “dokar”, led by small horses.

Gili Air
It is on that one that you can taste the authentic local life. It has the best snorkelling spot reachable by swimming from the shore of the island of Gili, and beautiful white sandy beaches, which look like paradise.

Looking for a real beach of powdery white sand, this is where you will find it. It is the smallest of the three islands and this was my favourite, especially for itsrelaxed and friendly mood.

It is the most developed islands of theGilis, the one with the best hotel infrastructure and the largest number of dive centers. The beaches are beautiful and pleasant  as soon as you are away from the harbour area. Avoid walking in the “village”, which is actually a subdivision in slum-like for hotel employees …

Gili 1

Gili 2

Gili 3

Elisa Boullé

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