Being very difficult with food, this is not the first thing I will experience once arrived in the country. A lot of apprehension gains me just by the idea of ​ tasting something that I do not know.

But lucky me today with internationalization everyone can find his favorite products in any supermarket!

But I have to say that I did not have a choice, I had to eat in warung. They are small restaurants which offer traditional cuisine at reasonable prices during lunch breaks and I do not regret going there. The addition varies from 15,000 to 60,000 IDR, which means between 1 and 4 euros.

To tell you the truth, I experienced to go from warung to warung which differs every day. Something I did not think I would do one day. And every time I always get more surprise.

Still today I am no yet an adventurer. I am not going to taste everything who is proposed but I tried to taste. I often take chicken because for me it is a safe choice.

I noticed that In Bali we eat well. Rice is the staple food.
The national dish in Bali is the nasi goreng. Never happens a week without eating this dish. It’s like a Breton with his half-salt butter! When you taste it, you get addicted.

The nasi goreng is made of fried rice with eggs, small pieces of meat and vegetables or shrimp. The food is rich and varied.

Several times in a restaurant they offer a free desert. It’s called Black rice pudding. It is black rice with coconut milk. It is made of black rice, vanilla coconut milk and plum sugar. Enjoy hot or cold depending on your preferences!

Justine Merré 02/08/17

Justine Merre