During your stay in Bali, you will be amazed by many temples you find along the road, hidden lane, small street in all over Bali. majority of balinese people are hindu, third language more speaking in the world, from the Indian subcontinent.


In fact, you will notice the local who make offerings every morning before the routine start, shapes like square cups of palm leaf braided in many differents ways, with contains rice, flowers, cigarettes, cookies, incense, something that we consumes in daily basis so to understand that : balinese have strong spiriti live within the island and its turns amazingly around their beleive.


Thousands of temple exist anywhere around in the island of Gods. The most beautiful are those which have big meru, wooden towers ornately carved and enclosed by thatched roofs superimposed, and their number, always odd, depend on the dignity of god, the maximum is eleven levels. The eleven level meru is reserved to the spirit of the higher and the most sacred volcano of the island (Agung) and to Shiva (Brama and Vishnou have nine levels). its worth to pay visit once you are here. 


Lots of very interesting and educational activity attracted tourists each year to visit this magical places, full of well-being, where respect and goodwill are the key words. The most well-known, you have inevitably already seen in picture, is Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, located on the same name lake. There are also beautiful temples on the Mount Batur lake. the magnificent Tanah Lot Temple, situated in the ocean at the west of the island, at the north of Canggu and when the tide is high, it is surrounded by the sea, a truly show.


Bali offered so many beautiful things to discover, every day you will be amazed by its culture so rich and lovely. Enjoy these life pleasures, you will not be disappointed.

Nina Prigent