In the beautiful island of Bali also called “the island of the gods”, if you are looking for relaxation, what better than to get a massage ?

The Balinese massage, which is practiced in part to the essentials oils or coconut oil to the reputation of being a massage of well-being, but also to possess effects conditioner to balance the energy flow of the body, to relax muscle tension, cure headaches, sore backs, to eliminate fatigue, stress…

This massage would also have the virtue of harmonizing the body and the soul, to have “a corp healthy in a healthy mind”.

The effects of therapeutic massages is effective for sport injuries. After a sport session, a Balinese massage allows the person to get back on feet, in one hour.

On the price side, there’s something for all budgets ! The price of a massage for one hour can be 40,000 Rp on the beach, in regions few tourist, up to 1,000,000 Rp in hotels or SPA reputed. A massage with good price-quality ratio sells for around 100,000 Rp and 250,000 Rp. You can also find lounges with massages to 60,000 Rp but be careful, hygiene is not always at the top!

For the lucky ones spending their holiday in Bali, we offer within the district of Canggu, our favorite: Colors, a beauty salon, offering massage rates very affordable, and in addition to, that you can enjoy to drink a cocktail after having been massaged! Team professional and pleasant, you will spend a very good time guaranteed.

Elise Dang