Kuta and shopping

Known for its beaches crowded with tourists, Kuta is also the perfect place for shopping. Indeed you will find the Kuta Square as well as a very modern mall, the Beachwalk shopping center.

Kuta Square is a street where you will find famous brands such as Polo Ralf Lauren, Rip Curls, Volcom ect… but also a lot of shops selling counterfeit clothes/bags which make the reputation of this street: Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Rolex… for both men and women, they are very good replicas but still illegal.

However, for people who don’t like fakes and who rather appreciate the atmosphere of a modern, air-conditioned shopping centre, we recommend the Beachwalk shopping centre. All brands are real. Perfect for a day of shopping and dining on the top floor which has restaurants of all types.

We hope that these indications will help you to satisfy your compulsive shopping desires, but don’t forget, the prices are the same in the big brands, as in the whole world and the prices are fixed, so don’t try to negotiate !!

Antonin GERARD