You would like eat the foot on the sand all in admiring the sunset? At Jimbaran this dream is possible. On a distance of several hundred meters and even a few kilometres of beach, you will have the right of decade restaurant’s which offer a lot of fish’s, seafood, crabs and lobsters. All fish are fresh (crabs, lobsters and seafood are always alive on the aquarium).

All the restaurants are substantially the same menu with the same fish, same price and same method of cooking. Your fish is roasted on the BBQ but is not wood for the BBQ but it is coconut. Once your restaurants have been chosen, you could choose between different composing for your menu. There too they are similar with another restaurant.

The atmosphere is very peace full on the beach, musicians play and sing among the tables, the sunset is beautiful and mainly the roasted fish is delicious. Jimbaran beach is a perfect place to be to past a great moment with your friends or simply past a romantic moment in couple. Just one condition: love the fish.

Nans Dizerens