I arrived in Bali in August and I had not seen any rain till now. Thus, after 3 months of daily stunning sun and strong heat, some big rains start to fall on Seminyak. The very first one is unexpected and impressive because of its intensity and because of its consequences. After a short 10-15 minutes, it stopped suddenly. The temperature decreased by a few degrees while most of the roads are flooded.

After some days getting used to living with this new climate, I can now remember that I always need to have a raincoat in the scooter. The weather is cloudy, we cannot anymore see the sun and the global atmosphere seems to be different, we feel less the holiday spirit of Bali. Each rain is different, lasting from 10 minutes to a whole night. Driving under the rain is definitely not frightening for locals. They just wear a raincoat but they don’t change anything to their daily duties and habits.

Thereby, the work goes on as if nothing had changed. What’s more, the peak season is getting closer and closer, that’s why we have to be even more efficient and attentive.

Bali Je t'aime
Bali Je t’aime is a villa rental agency which operates from Bali. The agency provides from affordable to luxury villas to their clients for their vacations on the Island of Gods. Every villa is different and has its own specifications. The large range of villas will allow the clients to choose the villa that fits their needs and desires. The rentals are located all over Bali so the clients are able to stay close to all the amenities.