Many people are wondering about the weather change lately in Bali. Normally during April is dry season when the day is always bright and sunny and it could be  good time for holiday or adventure in Bali.

But,  during April, everybody can witness the beautiful sunrise every morning but after midday the sky turned cloudy and many people missed the sunset almost for the whole months.

For those travelers coming to Bali in May will be luckier since most of the time the sky was bright in the afternoon and everyone can enjoy the sunset.

the weather info is very important for travelers. They can enjoy the best lodging in Bali under the sun. To make your holiday perfect, we offer you special rate the best selected villas for rent in Bali.

Enjoy your holiday in Bali:)

Bali Je t'aime
Bali Je t’aime is a villa rental agency which operates from Bali. The agency provides from affordable to luxury villas to their clients for their vacations on the Island of Gods. Every villa is different and has its own specifications. The large range of villas will allow the clients to choose the villa that fits their needs and desires. The rentals are located all over Bali so the clients are able to stay close to all the amenities.