Lempuyang Temple is located east of Bali, just opposite the Agung volcano. It is one of nine directional temples on the island. It offers a splendid view of the volcano, and remains relatively uncrowded by tourists, especially because of its distance from the tourist areas.

Lempuyang culmune at about 1,200 meters high. It is composed of 7 small temples, the highest of which is located at 1,700 steps and 4 hours walk from the beginning of the site. However, it is possible to use a vehicle to make this climb. You will be able to cross numerous monkeys during your ascent.

The mountain on which the temple stands is divided into 3 different parts, representing the Hindu religion: the first, Sang Ananta Bhoga, represents Mount Brahma. The second, Sang Naga Basukih, corresponds to Mount Vishnu. Finally, at the top culminates Sang Naga Taksaka and is considered as Mount Shiva.

According to legend, the Earth was only 70 years old, and the many earthquakes that occurred there were stabilized by the 3 children of God Pacupati. It is said that a pilgrim with a heavy heart will not succeed to reach the summit because one must not complain during the ascent: it removes its spiritual aspect. It is one of six temples that are the central points of the island and are intended to provide a spiritual balance in Bali.

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