After several months spent on the island of Bali, I return to Paris ressourced, soothed and happy of this trip. The weeks have passed very quickly and I retain only wonderful memories.

Let’s start with the beauty of the bali landscapes, between sea, mountain, jungle, I don’t know where to look so much that this biodiversity is immense and unique. I particularly remember the road to the north of Bali (Munduk) where you really go through the jungle and it was at this moment that I was dazzled by the richness of the fauna and flora.

Bali is unique landscapes and amazing rice fields. Accompanied by this, a culture and inhabitants of an incredible sympathy. Balinese culture is omnipresent in the remote villages of Bali (Munduk, Sidemen, Amed …). There is only to see the number of ceremonies and festivals that the Balinese realize to thank the universe and the gods. Moreover you will be marked by the kindness of the inhabitants whatever the city or the village where you are located.

Moroever, life in Canggu is so enjoyable and starts early. At 6am, surfers, yoga or fitness enthusiasts are already out. The cafes open and the Balinese atmosphere is already taking its rhythm. Then some go to work on scooters and others like vacationers go to beachclubs or on the beach. And it is at 17:30 that everyone finds themselves to admire the Sunset on the beach.

That’s what I love about Bali: The happy and soothing life it brings to everyone. Bali is also an open mind, all religions, lifestyles, and customs are different.

Bali is a wonderful destination that I highly recommend. The agency Bali I love you and his wonderful team will take care of you find the perfect villa to realize your stay in Bali.


Pauline Pauline