Today it is my last day in Bali Je T’aime office. I’m very sad to leave this beautiful island, Bali is a little paradise on earth, I was very lucky to live here for 5 months.  I was very well received by Bali Je T’aime when I arrived in January. I cannot believe I am here since 5 months already, time has gone by very quickly.

To do my internship in Bali Je T’aime company was very rewarding, I learned a lot on the business world in Bali, I have visited many beautiful villas, I had to adapt myself to a new culture, a new language, it was fabulous.

To live in Bali was completely different than France. Here, all people are very nice, helpful and hand on heart. It is a chill life, with no stress, the sun all day, it is just perfect.

I discovered also the Hindu religion which I didn’t know before. It is a beautiful religion where harmony is the master word, the “community life” where all religions and differents are accepted, it’s a wonderful lesson of living.  Ceremonies are really amazing, with all hindu people in traditionnal clothes in temples, it is fantastic.

I loved the landscapes in Bali, with lovely beaches, palmtrees, cliffs on the ocean, the crystal blue water, ricefields and volcanos. Bali island is definitively a paradise for adventures lovers or even for families who want calm and serenity. I advise Balinese massages which  I did every week, cheap and so good, I love it.

I would like to thank you all Bali Je T’aime team who was amazing with me and because thanks to them, I had the opportunity to do a beautiful trip which I will remember all my life. I met beautiful people from all around the world, even French people, who became true friends and I think is the goal of a journey  .

Bali is magic and I can say now : Bali, je t’aime.



Nina Prigent