Today it is one-month internship in the company Bali je t’aime. This experience was very rewarding.

First, from a linguistic point of view, I improved English to learn everyday many expressions useful in the daily life and daily exchanges with my colleagues.

I also learnt a lot of vocabulary which makes me able to speak fluently and to have a conversation easily.

Then, from a professional standpoint, I learned many methods of work. My adaptation to the team was easy.

The management of Gregory and the advice of his assistants were also very instructive as it gave me something to do with a given time and we left a greater autonomy and independence. Thus, we could organize our time at our discretion. I am also very grateful for the confidence he has given.

Also, I got to know how the Google SEO web pages, how his site to rank well in the search results, how to make it attractive.

I want to emphasize one last point that I discovered here in Bali and especially in Bali and I love you, I am sure, participates in the effectiveness and cohesion of a team.

During working hours, everyone focuses and performs all its objectives, without any stress and managing or even his schedule. And after work, we meet all colleagues to share wonderful moments that create extra-professional links at lunch or even to share a good dinner on the weekends. Thus, the team spirit is strong and the result is greater efficiency and work in a good mood.

For all these reasons, I wish to extend a big thank you to Bali Je t’aime, Gregory for his kindness, his confidence and not to mention the team members who miss them all very much.


Fatima Zohra Bouzemarene

Bali Je t'aime
Bali Je t’aime is a villa rental agency which operates from Bali. The agency provides from affordable to luxury villas to their clients for their vacations on the Island of Gods. Every villa is different and has its own specifications. The large range of villas will allow the clients to choose the villa that fits their needs and desires. The rentals are located all over Bali so the clients are able to stay close to all the amenities.