You like hinking and you have a good physical condition ? The hike to the top of Mount Batur is for you. It’s a classical of balinese tourism, physically challenging but regardless accessible. Usually, the hike is by night to arrive at the top for the sunrise. Your guide come to search you at your accomodation to leave at 4 o’clock in the morning and walk for more or less 2 hours. It takes aproximatively 250.000rp/ person for the hike + the guide, a bottle of water and the breakfast. I advise you to book an accomodation at the foot of Mount Batur, you can go directly by foot.

The hike is physical, your guide is there to help you if it’s difficult for you. He gives you a flashlight because in the night you will see almost nothing. If you are lucky, the sky could be cloudless and you will see all the stars, it’s amazing.

When you arrive at the top, your guide cook you the breakfast. You will be a little bit cold so you should bring warm clothes. You can warm up next to the crater where the smoke of the lava is very hot.

It’s a very nice atmosphere to meet all people at the top after a hard hike, people are all happy to wait the sunrise. Of course, the sky must be cloudless otherwise you will not be able to see the sunrise but most of the time the sky is good in the morning. The view on the Mount Agung is absolutely incredible, you will be able to pose for a beautiful photo at the top of Mount Batur with in the background Mount Agung, so cool !

Nina Prigent