During your trip in Bali, do not miss to take a walk on inescapable islands Gili ! It is three small islands being near Lombok possess a unique charm. Surrounded with a turquoise blue sea, with a coconut palm of white sand, its numerous swings and hammock, they are the real vision of the paradise. It is necessary to know that there is neither car, motorcycle and nor dog (a serenity which continues)

Each of them possesses unique attraction. Gili trawangan so known as Gili T, is the most cosmopolitan, with his multitudes of festive bars and his smart restaurants in the tropical looks. Gili air, represents more the local colors, and offers a moment of pure relaxation. As for Menos, she represents an idyllic desert island.

For my part, I crossed two days on the island of Gili T. At the level of the hotel business, the prices vary, hotels being near the seaside can be very dear (Especially in high season in June-August). Thus I chose a hotel in the center of the island, which was to be less dear (I went on the site booking.com, often proposing reductions and good plans) and as charming as those on seaside.

To move on the island, the best means of transportation is to be the bike! I was situated 11 min paradisiac beaches. The bike is completed to make a tour of the island, it is really funny and allows you to take advantage of landscapes around you. There are also carriages, other means of transport on islands.

Levels activities, Gili trawangan offer you the opportunity being able to make of the snorkeling accompanied by tortoises and by colored fishes, the snorkeling, the dive together with sharks of reefs and well on Gili T offers you its hectic parties to dance until the dawn.

Elise Dang