Forests, rice fields as far as the eyes can see, lakes covered of lotus… The abundant vegetation makes the Balinese landscapes even more beautiful. Thanks to its tropical climate, Bali has a large variety of tropical plant and incredible flora.

The most famous tree is the Banyan, is a sacred tree because in the Hindu religion it symbolizes eternal life, the Balinese decorate it with black and white checkerboard fabrics (the”Poleng”).
The bamboo that growth everywhere on the island is used for the construction of furniture, decoration, or musical instruments.
The sugar palms trees are used to compose offerings or to make fire for the kitchen.
There is also ebony used to sculpt dance masks.

More than plants and trees, we can find flowers everywhere, in the gardens, in the street, in front of the houses in small coconut leaf trays and in the gardens of the temples. Flowers are used a lot in the religion, they are blessing of the gods. According to the legend of Ramayana, king Rama who went to war against the demon Rawana was blessed by the gods who poured on him a rain of flowers. Flowers are used as decoration in the temples, on statues, as offerings or in the crowns of dancers.
The lotus is a sacred flower, we say that is the residence of the god Hyang Widhi.
And the red flowers of hibiscus represented the courage of Balinese warriors, who went to war with these big flowers behind their ears.

To enjoy fully the flora that the nature offers to us and breathe its delicious smell, I advise you to go to Bali Barat National park, which protects endangered species. It is there that you can find the oldest plant varieties. Or in the Bali Botanical Gardens which is one of the biggest of the island, with 2000 plant varieties. It is located in the south of Bali, in Bedugul. It has an important collections of cactus, roses, medicinal plants and orchids.

Marie Kerouanton

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