From June 14 to July 15, 2018 is the FIFA World Cup. This international event, the most followed in the world, takes place this year in Russia. Many bars, beach clubs or restaurants in Bali broadcast all the matches of the competition. You will meet fans of all nationalities, but especially French, Australian, English and Russian. This melting pot will guarantee a warm atmosphere for the duration of the competition. On Canggu, the place where the majority of tourists meet is Old’s Man.


With the time difference, matches are usually played at 18h, 20h, 23h and 2h. Schedules that encourage people to attend nightclubs.


Although Indonesia is not qualified for this World Cup, most locals are passionate about the sport. It is not uncommon to discuss and comment on meetings with taxi drivers, traders or restaurant owners. The shops and markets will overflow with jerseys from your favorite team, and the bars often offer happy-hours during matches.


It is common either that a little before sunset, local (children or young adults) offer to come to make a football match on the beach. With makeshift goals, imaginary terrain boundaries and an old balloon, you’ll be able to show off your skills on the hot sand. Exhausting, but beneficial to eliminate the few Bintangs tasted during matches!

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