Going to Bali where the wealth of landscapes is endless, there are necessarily mythical places you must visit.

To attend one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island you have to go to the temple of Tanah Lot. It is a Hindu temple built in the sixteenth century by order of the priest Nirartha, who came to meditate on a secluded rock in the sea. Today the temple of Tanah Lot overhangs this rock.

Tanah Lot means “Land of the Sea” in Balinese and it has become a reference in the Balinese mythology. It is one of the seven temples of the Bali Sea.

Bali being a volcanic island we can start exploring some of these volcanoes. Among them is the Mount Batur. The first historical eruption happened in 1804, since many have occurred, the last one was in 2000. The climb to the mountain is possible and it is done during the night. Arrived at the top of the volcano, the view is just beautiful.

In Ubud, there is a natural reserve called the forest of the monkeys of Ubud, The monkeys evolve freely in this sanctuary.

Of all the magic corners that can be discovered on the island of the Gods, Dreamland Beach is a part of it.  A paradise beach with turquoise water, it is located in the Bukit Peninsula in the south of Bali.

Justine Merré 02/16/17

Justine Merre