Canggu is a wonderful city located on the south west coast of Bali. Known for being quieter than the cities of Seminyak and Kuta,  travelers will appreciate Canggu. The surfing lovers will find a huge pleasure to discover beaches and waves of Canggu. And I, student, no very sporty, I aspire to test this impressive water sport within month. Canggu literally takes you into this surfing trend.

Meanwhile, I let myself be seduced, even a little too much, by all its restaurants as charming as each other. My guide ? The Instagram, social network especially the accounts @Balifood and @Balicafé who offer us cafes, restaurants, juice bars, breakfasts just amazing. These places have a different theme and a sumptuous decoration. Examples: Eden Café, Matcha Café for its tropical worlds, the Bali Bowls and Smoothies for its beach decoration, this Garden Canggu for a chill atmosphere and many more. The healthy is a trend that surrounds all of its cosy restaurants, of course you will find avocados toasts, mediterranean bowls, but don’t worry these cafes also offers delicious burgers and amazing desserts. In Canggu, you can taste everything you want: Italian, Japanese, Indian … Each restaurant immerses you in another universe. This culinary and universe diversity appeals to me. Of course, you can’t go to Canggu without tasting the Indonesian cuisine. Many times, I stop at a Warung to take a Nasi Goreng.

It is for all its reasons and these unexpected places that I want to stop every 30 meters to discover this swimsuit shop too cute, this atypical restaurant or this spa. And yes, ladies and gentlemen who read me, trust me and appreciate an Indonesian massage. A message for women: Canggu offers amazing manicure salons. My address: Colors Canggu in bali. Canggu is also great beach clubs whose the Mano Beach club, my Sunday ritual, with a private pool, a sea view, a trendy decor, a relaxing atmosphere, a friendly staff and a great food menu. At each of these places, these streets, I meet adorable Balinese, friendly and fun. This kindness gives the Bali charm.

Moreover, to explore Canggu with his scooter is exciting even if the driving is at least a bit impressive. Having my license in France, I was scared to drive a scooter in Bali. To tell you the driving in Bali is unique : no highway code -> stop, pedestrian crossing, safety distance are absents. And without the fact that driving is done on the left.  That’s why the first two weeks following my arrival, I drove to Canggu with motorcycle taxi at very affordable rates through the application Go Jek. And finally I said to myself “if, everyone does it why not me? “. So I started, careful and attentive and it works.

Exploring Canggu with his scooter means living like a Balinese and you feel very fast at home. So you can get started, you will see that the adventure is not so terrible as it looks. I think you have understood I love Canggu and I intend to live there for 4 months. You have some addresses to start your fabulous stay. My plans are to continue to discover nice places in Canggu and of course to discover the other cities of Bali with its temples and sumptuous landscapes.

Sydney Jouffret