Something which really struck me here, it is the good design and the taste for the decoration in Bali.

When I arrived here I did not think that I was going to find so many artists in this domain, I thought that this small Indonesian island had certainly a taste for design and art.

But I made a mistake; actually, it is quite the opposite; Bali arranges excellent artists and magnificent designer.
By walking in the streets of Seminyak for example we can find several shops only dedicated to the interior decoration.


The villas that we propose have unique and original designs, very different ones from the others and it is what makes their charm, everyone can find what they have always been looking for. We can find ourselves in an environment with a design very traditional and on the contrary find ourselves in a very modern design. There is of course no import; everything is custom-made in the country.

If you are interested about decoration, you could find numerous shops selling products of decoration at attractive prices in markets in Ubud and in Denpasar; you can also find some shops in Seminyak and in Kuta but the price will be a little expensive.


Majda Lafsihy

Bali Je t'aime
Bali Je t’aime is a villa rental agency which operates from Bali. The agency provides from affordable to luxury villas to their clients for their vacations on the Island of Gods. Every villa is different and has its own specifications. The large range of villas will allow the clients to choose the villa that fits their needs and desires. The rentals are located all over Bali so the clients are able to stay close to all the amenities.