It has been now three weeks since I arrived on Bali, and during my first weekend, I went on the famous beach of inescapable Kuta Lieu, Kuta beach is maybe the most popular sea resort of Bali, it is very recognized by the international visitors. From the beginning of morning, you can observe the surfers on the beach, watching for the perfect swells, because the action takes place on waves.

During the day, you will not be surprised be tied up, by a multitude of sellers of beach and masseuses who will do everything to draw your attention whether it is to sell you bracelets or for a massage. Then late in the afternoon, you can observe one the most beautiful sunset of the island of the gods, while relaxing you on the sand. You can also relax by taking very fresh Bintangs.

You will also have the opportunity to take advantage of the shopping mall, Kuta Beachwalk, with his numerous shops, restaurants, entertainments…

Concerning activity, the surfing is main thing, throughout the beach you can take lessons at very good price, either just take a board and leave facing the solo swell. You can also take advantage of the beach soccer and the volleyball.

If you are not too much a sportsman, to take advantage thus to relax on the sand and opt then for a cheap session of spa!

The best moments of the year to visit the beach of Kuta are in dry season, from April till August when waves will be for their tops.

For those who are of the restoration, you will find a big variety of restaurants for all the prices. Energy of McDonalds with young’s nice Warungs in adjacent streets.

Elise Dang