Knows as hipster town of Canggu, tons of list that i want to share with you based on our culinair adventure while we are here and there still so much list to share in near futures so stay tune, traveler ! on every taste that attract with comperative price. Let us advice you some warungs with most of people and we used to go and loves it for taste, price and ambience and price of course.

Warung Nelayan Canggu tasty and yummy it’s here

Gourmet Canggu nice ambience it’s there

Warung Global Bali loves to came again and again can be find here

On Waroeng centrally located this way

Ithaka Warung  you must try ! just there

Warung Bu Mi so much choices , its food heaven or also here

Warung Varuna J’adore that way

Warung Heboh my favorite ! can be find there

The last three are warungs offer us the experience like our own kitchen where we can choose , add and as much meal, fish as we want on one plate. and the others is à la carte. balinese, indonesian, western, australian, european, chinese food they have them all !!

It exists also « food market » where food stands are cooking indonesian food. They are incredible places where the food is amazing, there are very few tourists, mainly local people eat there and the atmosphere is very pleasant.

They are essentially local food proposed there, ayam (chicken) in barbeque, bebek (duck), mie goreng (noodles), nasi goreng (rice)… Meals absolutely divine you will find everywhere in Bali.


Nina Prigent