Crate cafe

Opened in November 2017 Crate is a cafe lunch that describes itself as « A Space where good music, good food, good coffee and good people meet, and create good vibes.”

Which is true, after about 20 minutes of waiting to order, because the cafe is very busy, you could order among a hundred choices of toast, salads, fresh and hot drinks, after that you will go inside to enjoy the chill music or outside to admire the calm and serenity of the rice fields that surround the place.

The place is arranged in such a way as to create opportunities for meetings, with these large table where everyone exchanges the good addresses of Canggu, most of the clientele is composed of long stay Bali.

During the time of your meal or coffee you could also admire the exhibition of the month of local artists, the gallery is non-commercial and serves to develop art in Canggu.

Prices are very affordable between 40k and 60k for food and between 20k and 50k for drinks, so don’t hesitate!

Antonin GERARD