Bali makes you dream! It is a romantic and heavenly destination for lovers. A honey moon for newlyweds, a wedding in the tropics or a renewal of your wedding vows. Bali is now a popular destination for this kind of tourism in expansion.

Exchange your alliances and testify your love in the fairyland of this island. Share this magic moment with your family and your friends. Or just you two, in complete privacy. Bali offers incredible scenery, in a Balinese temple or in a beach of white sand, you can be sure this day will be successful. You can choose to marry according to local traditions, enjoying a Balinese ceremony dressed in a traditional outfit. Or simply dressed in white during a Western ceremony.

Bali is a destination more and more coveted by honeymooners. Is one of the places the most exotic and colorful on earth, an ideal context to begin a new chapter of your life. Bali Je t’aime offers you a large choice of villas, perfect for this kind of stay for two people. Among them, I advise you the Villa Bulan Madu 1, located in Bukit. It is the ideal place for a couple in search of intimacy and romance. Start each day with a continental breakfast, relax with typical Balinese massage and in the evening enjoy a candlelit meal in a paradisiacal setting.

Renew your wedding vows in Bali with your spouse, and find the thrill of the first day. This ceremony is a typically Balinese blessing during which a Mangku, a holy Balinese man, will pray to the Gods to bring happiness and longevity to your union. Bali is the perfect island to enjoy a moment away from routine and offer your couple a magical moment.

Marie Kerouanton