Odalan :

All the 210 days, all the village meets for celebrate the foundation of Odalan temple. It is the occasion for the baliness to honour their divinities with offerings and prayers. Bali has more of 20 000 temples, you will be able easily see a ceremony during the Odalan.

Galungan and Kuningan:

All the 210 days, Galungan celebrate the creation of universe. Baliness thinks than goods and souls of ancestors come back towards temples of Bali. During the Galungan you have a lot of ceremonies and 10 days after the Galungan you have the Kuningan where the peoples rejoice.


All the 35 days, Baliness make offerings at precious goods like iron object (Tumpek Landep) , animals (Tumpek Kandang), shadows (Tupek Wayang) and trees (Tumpek Uduh) or again music instruments, masks and other objects use during ceremonies (Tumpek Krulut)



Nyepi is a baliness new year, based on Saka calendar. It is a Day of Silence, nyepi preceded by the Ogoh-Ogoh ceremonies. Ogoh-Ogoh are a statue destiny to be exhibited during ceremonies the day before nyepi.

Ogoh-Ogoh have a mythological appearance, mostly are demons. After parade, monsters are burn.

During the nyepi, the silence is obverse for 24 hours, from 6am. The day is reserved for the mediation and the demons must want to stay in Earth, then impose a very strict rules, little light, no work, no entertainments, no shifting.  The lively places are desert, just policeman and traditional guard move on the street to assure the security and watch if people respect the tradition.

Even the tourists are encouraged to stay in their hotels. Shops, restaurants and international airport are close all day. Just are authorised the emergencies to drive.

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