Despite its small size, Bali has a rich and diverse fauna.

Bali is one of the best places for diving, thanks to its exceptional marine life. In marine species we find, along the east coast and around the Menjangan Island turtles, they are now a protected species. Dolphins, near to Lovina. Manta rays, sharks, Mola-mola also called moon fish, it is one of the only places in the world where you can frequently observe this flat and round fish.

Mimetic octopus which are very difficult to observe because they are able to imitate the appearance and the movements of more than 15 different species by contorting and changing color. They can also hide themselves to take the color of the sand or rock around. You have many chances to pass next to a Mimetic octopus without realize it. Bali is also known for its Pygmy seahorses, which you can find on the Liberty wreck in Tulamben, or in the Menjangan marine park.

Besides marine species, the biggest part of the Balinese fauna is composed of domestic’s animals. Buffaloes that are found mostly in the fields, ducks that are excellent festive dishes, lot of dogs are present in the island, black pigs, cocks bred for fighting, monkeys that can be seen in the forests of the monkeys of Ubud, macaques that are found everywhere on the island especially in the temples, cows, only for sacrifices, because it is a sacred animal for the Hindus, as well as more than 300 species of birds.

Monkeys of the Ubud forest

The diversity of wildlife has allowed the development of a national park: Bali Barat, where we can find many animal species like monkeys, deer, buffalo, squirrels, reptiles and birds. The Bali Barat is a protected area which has a high biodiversity with about 160 different species of birds.

There is many ways to discover Balinese fauna thanks to a large choice of activities as a diving day, an elephant ride, an excursion to the monkey forest of Ubud, or a visit of the famous zoo “Bali safari and marine park”.

Marie Kerouanton