Bali, an island culturally and musically rich, where we can find several typical dances such as Kecak, Barong, Legong, Topeng, Pendet … It sounds like a dance theater, which tells a story of princesses, gods, demons and warriors. The gestures are very precise and binding, which fascinates. All performances are accompanied by an orchestra called The Gamelan.

The kecak is the most impressive and captivating show. Through this dance we tell the story of Rama, who is the legitimate heir of the throne of Ayodya who is exiled from the court of his father Dasarata. As a result, he leaves his father’s palace and heads to the forest accompanied by his wife and his brother. After several adventures, he meets a stag with golden horns and decides to follow him. But by following him he leaves his wife who is going to be kidnap by Rawana, the king of the demons. Following this, Rama helped by the monkey army, attacks the king of demons and ends with Rama’s victory.

The dance of the Legong, is the traditional dance taught to little girls from the age of 5 years in schools. The dancers are dressed in gold and the movements are very strict. It is necessary to respect the rules. The postures are accurate. This dance tells the story of King Lasem who meets a young girl lost in the forest. He takes her home and as she refuses to succumb to him, he locks her up. Her fiance, the prince of kahuripan threatens the king if she is not liberated, but the king prefers to fight. On the way to the battle he meets a bird that predicts death, the king is killed in the fight!

The Barong Dance is ruled by a mythical creature representing the Good and the strengths existing on Earth. His opposite is Rangda, Queen of Witches, who represents Evil. The Balinese believe that Good and Evil co-exist. This is why this dance is concentrates mainly on Barong and Rangda, and on the fact that there will be no winner.

Justine Merre