Come in Bali it’s also to bring some souvenirs to your loved ones because you spend such an incredible stay and you want bringing back them a little piece of this paradise even if it’s nothing compare to your memories during your holidays. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes difficult to find your hapiness because often the touristics areas are full of little shops where prices are too high and you have to bargain during hours. Balinese craft is absolutely magnificient but shops prices are too high for the quality.

So, I have the solution for you to go back in your country with a lot of souvenirs without spending too much rupiah. In the south of Ubud at only 10 km, 25 minutes by car, you will find a little town called Sukawati where is located “Sukawati Art Market” where you can purchase wholesale balinese craft, it’s therefore less expensive because it’s here where gift shops of Bali come to supply. Don’t hesitate to negociate prices, usually you can divide by 2 the price proposed by local merchants.

An other place very interesting, not a market but a supermarket where are also rock-bottom prices. It’s Batubulan, still at the south at 35 minutes from ubud and 10 minutes from Sukawati. Here you cannot negociate prices because it’s a real supermarket but prices are also very interesting and what a joy not to be negociating with merchants because after 10 shops and 2 hours of negociation, you will feel very tired.

So if you have the occasion to take this road, avoid to buy souvenirs in touristics places before, you will not have the same prices.

Nina Prigent