Today, it’s my third week as intern in Bali Je T’aime agency. A new life for 5 months and I’m the happiest because Bali is a dream destination where I always wanted to go. Here, all is different, the warm (I’m come from Brest in France so the warm all day long is really new for me), the language, people who are all smiling and welcoming. The island atmosphere is calming, we feel good here, we wanted to stay forever. Tourists like to sip their fresh coconut on the beach and watching surfers to have fun with big waves. It’s a show I offer to me every evening, after work, to admire the sunset on the sea. As a brittany girl, the sea is vital for me, so Bali is the perfect place to do my internship because I can do everything I love.

In Bali, you can do all you want, there are the beach for those who like to go sunbathing, big waves for surfers, walks in the forests for walkers, motorbikes for bikers, to climb volcanos, the black, grey or white sand, turquoise sea for unforgettable snorkeling, an amazing fauna and flora, very good restaurants for greedy, you can take some yoga class and there is a very good weather with which you feel all the year in holidays. Temples are really amazing to visit, they attract thousands of people all the year to go pray or just to admire. A little paradise in the middle of Indonesia where the sea air caress the suntanned skins and where fruits have a taste of hapiness.

It remains me few months to discover Bali jewels, I would like to make good use of that and come back in France with a lot of memories of this life experience. Mimpi terjaga !

Nina Prigent