Want some new pictures for your Instagram feed and to scare you a little?

This weekend we went to Ubud to enjoy the beautiful temples and the Monkey Forest, but not to be missed in Ubud we also enjoyed the most photographed attraction in Bali: Bali swing!

Bali swings (as there are several) are swings over the surrounding jungle on which in exchange of 20 USD (after negotiation) you can swing and take beautiful pictures.

There are different heights of swings so you can choose according to your fear of the void or not, but there are also other spots to make beautiful pictures like eggs, or rocks.

We advise you to be careful in your choice of Bali Swing because they are not all the same and some like the real Bali swing has very high prices and the place is bonder which creates a lot of waiting before each swing.

So if you are in the vicinity of Ubud do not hesitate!

Antonin GERARD