Life in Bali is a real treat. In love with cooking, I discover the culinary flavors of the whole world through this island. At each café, you rediscover a cuisine, a universe and especially an atmosphere. Unique, your taste buds will travel with every mouthful.

Here, a story of my best addresses on Canggu and Seminyak to awaken your senses.

Mexican cuisine:

A festive atmosphere, a decoration of Mexico colorful and Latin music immerse you in few seconds in another continent. At the Mexicola, club and restaurant on Seminyak you will find this unique and spectacular atmosphere. Family atmosphere and relaxed, you can go there for dinner, have a drink or to dance.

To taste the Mexican cuisine, I recommend the Lacalaca Cantina Mexicana restaurant in Seminyak, the food is excellent and the prices are very affordable.

The traditional cuisine of Bali:

You cannot go on Bali without tasting the famous dishes of Balinese cuisine. The real Indonesian cuisine you find in the warungs very numerous on the island. Some dishes to discover: Mie Goreng, Nasi Goreng and Sate Ayam (peanut sauce).

French cuisine:

If you miss the delicious meat, I  advise you to go to Warung Gouter which offers the best meat skewers of the island of Bali. He is also loved for his cooking workshops where bread, meat and pastries are prepared under the eyes.

French pastries:

Cook & Baker by Aurora is a grocery store and bakery offering excellent breakfasts thanks to its exceptional spreads: Vegan Nutella, Salted Butter Caramel, Banana Nutella or Matcha Jam.

Mr. Spoon’s bakery also produces French pastries and French dishes such as “Croque- monsieur”, salty croissant and many others.

Italian cuisine:

Da Romeo is the Italian restaurant of Bali. This is the place to go for lovers of Italian cuisine. Da Romeo offers the best pasta and pizza on the island in a typical Italian atmosphere.

The Rustica is certainly less known but has all its charm. The dishes are prepared under your eyes thanks to an open kitchen and these are the recipes of the famous Italian mama.

Spanish cuisine:

Finca is the Spanish restaurant of Bali. With its bright decoration, it offers a unique atmosphere. You can enjoy a paella or the famous Tortilla.


Japanese cuisine:

Sushimi Bali is a delicious sushi restaurant on Seminyak. Friday all sushi is half price.


Coffee Cartel is the restaurant to go for brunch. It presents a varied menu and offers a nice setting. There are many restaurants for brunch. We also note Kynd Communuty, Bali’s Secret spot and the Pomelo Café for its bowling smoothies.

Pauline Pauline