The day started early, very early! So early that I did not really have time to fall asleep. We were picked up around 1:30 am in Canggu. From there, a trip of about 2 hours took us to the starting point of the trek, where we met the guide.

The climb was pleasant, it was a beautiful starry night, Lake Batur not far away … The simple act of breathing fresh air, enjoying my walk and listening to the discreet murmur of the jungle has made this excursion an incredible moment.

After about 20 minutes of walking we had the choice between two courses, one faster, but more difficult because mainly made of rock, and the other less steep but borrowed by motorcycles. We opted for the second choice. During this second part, which was the most important, many motorcycles have doubled us, rejecting their gases on us. It was for me the only negative point of this trek. I therefore recommend, if it is physically possible, to make the difficult course …

Some time later, the two courses came together, to finish this climb on a single path leading to the summit. This time the path was not accessible to motorcycles. During this last stage, we began to perceive more and more the landscape surrounding us, it was splendid.


Arrival at the top, the view was just amazing …

Let it be said, this trek is not secret. Many nature lovers know him and, of course, there are many people at the top.

We did not wait long before sunrise, allowing us to dodge the long wait in the cold. Indeed, in view of the heads of people already present, wind and cold were present … Hence the interest of covering well.

With my tea in my hands, my gaze turned towards the horizon, the rising sun gave me a magnificent show. The sky was so clear that I could see Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island. 

I admired the panoramic view of Lake Batur and Gurung Abung / Gunung. The summit is a real paradise for photo enthusiasts.

After an hour spent contemplating the landscape, our guide offered us eggs cooked with steam escaping from the volcano, as well as their specialty, banana pancakes.

We could see a monkey eating lunch from another grouph, but we did not have time to approach it.

After this breakfast, we started to turn back.

The return was made on a path a little different on the last part, to make us see more landscape

Thank you to Radnya for allowing me to realize this trek and to the guide for his numerous explanations and his kindness


Pauline Pauline