In Indonesia, Bali island is particularly appreciated by tourists, but there’re many others islands to discover.

At the west of Bali, you will find Java island, weel-known for its volcanos channel. There are two volcanos very famous, Mount Bromo which is still active and culminates 2330 meters. It’s situated at the east of the island at about 100 km at the south of Surabaya. It takes part of the national parc Bromo-Tengger-Semeru. It’s a beautiful place, like in the moon, you will be fascinated by the nature beauty.

Even more at the east, there is the Mount Kawah Ijen, the very famous sulphur volcano. You can go there from Bali, by taking the ferry at 10pm to hike by night and to arrive at the top for the sunrise. Because of the sulphur, you have to wear a mask during the hike because it’s difficult to breathe. Once at the top, you will discover a magnificient blue lake and you will see man who carry the sulphur. They get off in the volcano to take the sulphur and they climb again. It’s hard work, their baskets are very heavy with all the sulphur, it’s impressive.

At east of Bali, you will discvover Lombok island with its well-known Gili islands, but also the Mount Rinjani which culminates 3726 meters. This volcano adresses to anyone in good physical shape. A very beautiful volcano with a view at the top you will never forget. If you cannot climb, you can walk until Segara Anak lake, at around 1800 meters of altitude.

Between Sumbawa island and Flores island, made a stop on Komodo island, a fantastic natural park where you will see the last dragons. It’s forbidden to walk alone without rangers because dragons can be dangerous, their bites could be mortal. You will discover also on this island, Pink Beach, a beach with pink sand, a real natural paradise. You can access to the island by boat, there are a lot of cruise agency, you can book your trip from Bali directly without problems.

I leave you relish these magic moments you will live here, it’s a chance to can discover all these wonders, enjoy each moment, they are precious.

Nina Prigent