This week my internship ends. The four months have passed so fast.

At first when I was looking for an internship, I did not wanted to send my application to Asia. But one day I look at the list of companies that had hosted former students from my university. And when I saw Bali to tell you everything, it made me dream (although at the beginning my parents wondered what idea was going through my head) so I sent an application and I had a trainee position within the company Bali je t’aime that I thank a lot everybody for all that they taught me and opened to me the doors of the company.

I really enjoy my four months, which in the end have happened quickly. Even if I adore I am still happy to return in France because I would not see myself living eternally here. I know that I come out of this experience grow humanely and professionally. To tell the truth, it was my first university internship and after three years spent sitting in an amphi in Brittany, it was for me a real shock to arrive in Bali. I had to adapt myself in this new environment.

About the work in Bali je t’aime I can say that the record is positive. I take for gratification everything I could learn even if I still do not find my professional career, one day I will.

It was very pleasant to work in Bali je t’aime. The atmosphere is great and everyone is very kind and benevolent. The internship is not stressful, we have a lot of autonomy. That’s what I noticed when I arrived. This what I think is the hardest thing at the beginning because we never learned to be autonomous because during the studies we must always report and we have dead line. As long as your work is done there is no problem. You take the time you need.

Gregory the boss has always repeated us: you are here to learn. And thanks to him, I learned a lot of things. Because coming to Bali is not just learning a job, it is also adapting to the Balinese culture and life.

I would like to thanks the bali je t’aime team for this amazing experience.

I recall only a lot of positive of this experience and I hope to filled as best as I could all the missions that have been entrusted to me.

Justine Merre