In Bali, it is highly recommended to have at its disposal a scooter to travel on the island.

An effective way to procure : Rental, There are a lot of places for scooter rentals.

It takes about 700,000 Indonesian rupiah to rent a scooter for 1 month, the equivalent of 50 euros ($ 55). The price of gasoline is not expensive that all, it is about 8000 rupiahs, it can be found in every corner.

As for me, I am currently in Bali, and the use of the scooter is completely essential.

I am a trainee at the agency Bali Je t’aime in Canggu, and live in Kuta. I share a scooter with a friend as a trainee in Bali Je t’aime too; the scooter allows us to come quietly to the agency, more efficiently than a car, since the gain incredible time going between the cars as well as for parking.

Moreover, this means of transport is ideal for exploring the scenic landscapes of Bali.

Due to the economic aspect, it is much cheaper than renting a car, the time aspect is faster with the scooter avoids traffic jams and finally the attractive appearance / playful, more closely we see the beautiful scenery, the beautiful roads, we can take pictures. I personally have the impression that with a scooter, we feel the more adventurous side trips.

Meissa Dhaouadi